Racer Moto 1 Moto 2 Overall Finish
Rick Dickinson 2 1 1
Rick Notter 1 2 2


Advancement Classes

125B125C250B250C25A4 WHEEL A4 WHEEL B4 Wheel C40A

Non-Advancement Classes

125 Junior 12-1514-242 Stroke 86cc and Up2001 and Older VINTAGE30A30B4 Wheel +254 Wheel 0-50cc 4-84 Wheel 0-70cc 6-114 Wheel 71-90cc 8-1550+50cc 4-8 Stock Multi/Auto50CC JUNIOR STOCK AUTO50CC SENIOR STOCK AUTO65cc Beginner 7-1165CC JUNIOR 7-965cc Senior 10-1185cc Junior 7-1185cc OPEN Junior 7-1185cc OPEN Senior 12-1585cc Senior 12-1586-Open Women 12+ yrs
Performance Timing