Racer Overall Finish Advancement Points
Jedediah Haines 1 12
Joshua Toth 2 10
Tanner Way 4 7

Hare Scrambles

Advancement Classes

A Light 86-200A Medium 201-250A Open 251 and upA Senior 40+A Super Sr. 50+A Vet 30+AA/ProB Light 86-200B Medium 201-250B Open 251 and upB Senior 40+B Super Sr.B Vet 30+C Light 86-200C Medium 201-250C Open 251 and upC Senior 40+C Vet 30+Q Open AWomen C

Non-Advancement Classes

Masters +Q 50+Q 91-200/300Q Open B 16-29Q Open B 30+Q Open C 16-29Q Open C 30+Q Senior40+Q Vet 30+Schoolbot I 12-16Womens
Performance Timing